The Tom & Teddy Story

Tom & Teddy was founded in 2011 by Michelle L’Huillier and her husband Jelle de Jong when what seemed like an innocent hunt for matching swim shorts for Father’s Day turned into an unexpected business opportunity.

"There was definitely room in the market for an altogether more flattering and versatile swim trunk – one that could be worn all day long, either in or out of the water." - Michelle L'Huillier, Founder at Tom & Teddy.

Beachwear inspired by Australia, created for all

Drawing on an Australian beach lifestyle – the sights and sounds; the natural light and colors of nature - our beachwear, in bold designs and bright shades, will bring a touch of the great Australian outdoors to your day, wherever you are. In matching styles for men and boys, we look to the ocean, lush foliage and brilliant sands along the Australian coastline for our design inspiration. And so, every piece of Tom & Teddy beachwear is sunny and fresh with the Australian sunshine sewn in!

Distinctly Tom & Teddy Trunks

The unique prints of our swimming trunks start life as bespoke artwork, sometimes hand drawn and painted, other times created digitally by a team of designers. We then produce repeat patterns, incorporating striking two - or three - color combinations to make the prints distinctly Tom & Teddy.

Quality as Standard

Our durable swim short fabric is exceptionally soft and feels great against the skin. In the dying process, the rich colors of our designs infuse the cloth to produce a super-vibrant and vivid finish. All Tom & Teddy trunks have UPF50+ protection and are designed to be worn all day long, in or out of the water.