Introduction to Surfing

Published 08 Apr, 2023

Top Surfing Tips for Beginners

As an outdoor pursuit, surfing has hit an all-time high. It seems like more people than ever have been giving this exhilarating activity a go – and you don’t have to live by the ocean to get involved. Man-made wave complexes are opening up, offering newbies a slice of the action with tailored lessons in ‘’beginner waters’’. If you’ve been thinking about grabbing a board and diving in, first take a look at our beginner’s video for some top tips from Sydney surfer, Andrew McIver.

And once you’ve learned the basics, here are some extra pointers to help you on your surfing journey:

    • The more time you spend in the water, the better you’ll become - regular practice sessions are essential.
    • Watch the waves and watch which ones other surfers go for.
    • Get the right kit: a wetsuit that fits wells and a learner board, not an expensive performance board.
    • Learn surf etiquette - there’s a code of conduct to follow.
    • Never “bail your board”. Surf boards are buoyant and you need to keep yours with you at all times so that it doesn’t hit anyone else in the water.
    • (It’s tempting to push your board away when ducking under a wave, but you must keep it under control and close to your body).
    • Surfing is more fun with other people - build up a crew of other learners.
    • Have fun, don’t worry about what you look like.

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